View Full Version : 1927 Dodge Fast four Pickup.

07-02-2013, 08:59 PM

Well up for sale is my pride and joy 1927 Dodge "fast Four" pickup truck.

This is a AMERICAN dodge, Not the Australian wood chassis ones, This one is full steel. Has the American hickory wooden wheels. Has brand new tyres all round on it. Bought them 12 months ago. So abit flat of course.

it Runs, and for it's age, it runs really great. with abit of start ya bastard, It turns right over, And with controlling the carby and revs on the steering wheel it makes for hours of fun. It doesnt drive. The clucth needs to be freed up and cleaned as you dont buy new clutches for these you rebuild everything so it's heaps cheaper to maintain a great clutch.

It has be converted to 12V for reliability and ease of getting cheap batteries. Everything is done superb and looks neat. Also the water pump shaft has been removed and replaced with a electric one and also a commodore radiator. Also the dizzy has rebuilt internals. So its more reliable to start and keep running. It has a alloy drop tank wiith again a commodore fuel pump. Has a switch in the cabin to fill the little black canister in the engine bay full of fuel so you can gravity feed the carby..

Being from " 1927" it only has Rear Drum brakes. Will are all practically brand new as i never drove this since i had it. I only got it running and cleaned it up ALOT..

ALSO it has RARE personalized Number plates that say OLD 027. Which are the only set in QLD so suit the car down to a tee.

The Little emblem on the bonnet is brand new. Worth alot of $$$$ and can't buy these anywhere anymore. So be carefull.

The only bad points is that the spot lights arent from 1927 lol they came with the car, as you would expect helps with driving at night lol. and the grill. well that has been replaced with what i think is a backyard grill. But looks like it came with the car it suits it that much. This is really one for the collector or for someone to buy and sit there. It's a talking point when ANYONE comes over and see's it. Cost me well more then what im asking since i bought for more and spent alot of time and money finding parts and trying to get it running..

Paint wise and rust wise, There isn't much rust. the guards have been fixed at one stage before i got it. The side engine covers do have rust damage in result of the bottom of them rusted off. Nothing to major as they make these brand new still. So you wont even be able to tell. The paint has surface rust, not much but enough to make it have that great effect with the women ;) ..

All the engine and gearbox are period correct for the car and has never been replaced before. So all number match up and the rest.

I am after $20,000 ONO and keep in mind that's a ONO. Just need to sell it ASAP to fuund my new R8 clubby.... IF SOLD BEFORE MONDAY I WILL SELL IT FOR $13000