View Full Version : Sunday Street Meet WSID 24 June

14-06-2012, 06:11 PM
Hey all,

Just thought I would post it up for those who didnt know, there is a sunday street meet scheduled for June 24 at WSID for anyone interested, I was going to run this one but have since been talked out of it, so unfortunately I wouldnt be running against any of you boys and ****s, it means you have 10 days to stock up on redbull or whatever else helps you off the start line, LOL, I believe there is also a HSVOC cruise on that day

also just heard last nights street meet has been scheduled to tomorrow night now

the track really needs the support


14-06-2012, 07:22 PM
Hey Lauren,

were you going to take your dusty Sv out????? haha, the owners cruise is on the 1st of july

14-06-2012, 09:41 PM
it was to be the return of the little red wagon but apparently its not meant to be, so she will stay retired from the track for now, but at least it was retirement on a good note

so i am back to nagging for another car, my chances certainly aren't looking good